The first few months with your new baby are the most precious, it is life-changing to become a mum and we all need time to savour all of these early moments together. 

It can also be an overwhelming time and it is very important to take the time to do special things with your new baby that allow you bonding time outside of the house.

When Joseph was a few months old I was fortunate to take part in some Baby massage classes locally once a week. It had so much more benefits that just learning to massage your baby, which itself is important. These were my first trips out of the house as a new mum, meaning that it gave me an excuse to get away from the house (and out of my pyjamas!). I also loved meeting the other mums who were at exactly the same stage as me.  It was encouraging to know that they weren't getting any sleep either and we compete to see how was getting the least sleep between us!

I got nine months maternity leave and without doubt they are the most special months I have spent with him, doing our own little bonding and enjoying the freedom from my work! Although the first few months are so exhausting and tiring, just seeing that little smiling face back at you makes it all worthwhile.

Taking these photos at Little Duckling's Baby Massage class brought back the warmest memories of my first few months of motherhood. It was so nice to watch all the mothers taking the time for themselves and their new babies for this lovely experience.

Baby Massage with Little Ducklings @ Malone Rd, Belfast.