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Claire & Peter wedding photos, 30/10/2020

What a year it has been for all the wedding couples of 2020. When I first took Claires booking we would never have imagined the way that her day would have turned out.

The couple were always certain of one thing the entire time and that was that no matter what the regulations or restrictions, they would be married on 30th October 2020. The worst blow was just 2 weeks before when the second lockdown on the south meant that their hotel wouldn't  be open.

Whilst remaining calm through all the obstacles, it was decided that they would have their wedding ceremony wit their family and we would go to the beautiful Parkaneur Forest Park for photos after, and the wedding party would them travel on to her Nannies house for a low key dinner.

After a week of heavy rain and stormy weather,  the couple were blessed with the most beautiful of Autumn days, a sure sign that good times lie ahead...


Wedding Photography Slideshow, Claire & Peter