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Create your family art piece.

The most valuable piece of art you can have in your home is your own family portrait.

When you have made the effort and accomplished getting the family together and having a portrait made, it is important to honour that by creating the art piece from your portrait that will take pride of place in your home and be something to pass down to family.

We are so used to seeing our photos on screens these days and we rarely get to see the images in the form they were intend for, beautifully printed and framed.

I always use local framers to help me create the wall art, who are great at sourcing the perfect finishes for my work.

Personally I like a classic, simple frame that can work for all interiors, as your interior may change down the years.

My main choices are wooden, white, black or oak. The frame is use has some visible grain, which is a lovely earthy look.

Below are some examples to see the finished products.