I first met Helen & John Gerard together when they booked me for a beach engagement shoot near John Gerard's home in the beautiful Culdaff area in County Donegal. We got the most beautiful Summers day and they sun radiated the beach. We had in mind that their wedding was in Winter and that we couldn't be sure of outdoor landscapes on the day so I am glad that they have this outdoor pre-wedding photo collection.

Helen is the baby of the Kerlin family, a family who are well practised in weddings so they all took the day in their stride.

John Gerard and Helen are both very close to their family and their wide family circle were the entire of their day which lots of nieces and nephews each playing an important role in the wedding day-I had never seen so many altar girls!

After the wedding meal the couple surprised their guests with an amazing fireworks display which everyone gathered to watch light up the Winter sky over the Buncrana golf course.

Hotel -Inishowen Gateway hotel

Church music-  Donna Taggart

Wedding Band-  Atmosphere

Helen & John Gerard's Wedding Photography slideshow

Helen & John Gerard's Wedding Photography