International Women's Day 2019

I meet so many amazing and inspiring women through my work everyday, and I love hearing their stories.- whether they be working women who have started their own business, some working hard at finding the right balance between work and life or full time mummies staying at home  rearing the kids (maybe the hardest work of all).

We have come so far thanks to the women in history you have stood up and made sure that their voice got heard. There is still a long way to go but the progress has been amazing. This year I became a member of Women In Business and have met some great inspiring women and most importantly have been inspired by  the network of support that it provides for women here. It is so important as women to support each other and keep each other to grow.

Another amazing network that I have been involved with is Women in PR NI. Headed my Sara McCracken and Michele Canning have created something very special in their quest to empower women in the communication industry.

These groups give me hope, it's exciting to see women making the effort to help each other and  a that there is a support network where we can all reach out to.

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A little kindness goes a long way.

Running a business as a woman/mother

The shape of my career path has totally been dictated by my gender, there are obstacles in my way that is for sure, and I've learnt that the best we can do is to learn how to get around them, there is no ignoring them.

My career began as a 21 year old catching my dream job as a full time newspaper photographer. The job combined everything that I loved, working with people in my community, using my images to tell stories, being part of a news team.

Then aged 27, the next amazing thing happened in my life as I welcomed baby Joseph into my world. I very luckily enjoyed 9 months of paid maternity leave that I was grateful for. At that stage I was blissfully unaware of the difficulties that lay ahead of me -becoming a working mum would be a whole new ball game.

I had always been aware of the disappearing women in our workplace, who vanished from the office after starting a family. That wasn’t going to be me as I loved my work, I had drive and ambition-I was always wanting to grow and climb. I had always thought those women who  gave up their work had done so at there own choice. I was excited to return to work. ,I had found amazing childcare-that part was easy for me, I had no worries that he was in great hands.

Before my maternity I have been dedicated to my job for 7 years. On my return to work  I had assumed that after having built up my loyalty to my employer -where as a youthful employee with little or no responsibilities I was always readily available and flexible at all times. So on my return to work I imagined that they would understand this new phase in my life and that with my new responsibities I would not be as flexible as previous.

We live in a society which is still very backward in how it treats the working mother. It is still embedded in out culture that mums are best kept out of the workplace and in the home. I seen a post recently saying that we ‘Expect women to work ]like they aren’t mothers, and raise kids like they don’t work'.  I personally don’t know of any men who have been held back in their career or work life by becoming a parent.

Joseph is now 9 years old and I am still operating my own photography business and have recently opened the doors to my Belfast studio. I am somehow managed to create my own work/life balance where I can get enough work to provide for us, do work that I enjoy and that allows me to be creative and most importantly I am still able to do school runs everyday without needing childcare.

I would like there to be more kindness in the workplace, a little bit more understanding of each others life circumstances.  Would it not be more beneficial to be supportive to a working mother in those fleeting years where they have important responsibilities?

Yes motherhood can take away our flexibility and there is a need for more structure when you have such responsibilities.

Yet motherhood does not strip us of our ambition and drive. We may no longer to able to run to the employer at the drop of a hat, but we are still the same skilled employee that we were before. 

Maybe just that little bit of kindness and understanding towards the working mother can stop women from having to disappear from the workplace or give up on their dreams.