As an Irish wedding photographer, one thing that I will never ever take for granted is sunshine!

When I am preparing the wedding photography schedule with the wedding couple beforehand I aways take a 'worst case scenario' point of view. I will always make sure there is a good back up plan in place for rain/wind/hail/snow just incase!

So when we were planning for Joanne & Aaron's May wedding I had worked out the parts of the gorgeous Manor House Hotel that we could use if outdoors didn't work.

However when the day arrived my back-up plan was scrapped from first thing as the forecast said 0% chance of rain and those blue skies in the morning confirmed just that!

Not only was it dry and sunny but there was the most incredible light that had to be seen to be believed. After dinner I took the couple for a stroll down by the water where they watched their first sunset as Mr & Mrs and I almost cried with delight at the colours we were getting.

Moral of the story-always good to have a back-up plan for a rainy day but don't give up hope of sunshine-even in early Spring-time!