What Will I wear?!

I had a very special (and very smiley) little visitor at the True Romance studio today. Little Eoin came along with his mum for a shoot to mark his first birthday coming up the the end of the month.

Like most parent's who come to the studio for a session Eoin's mum cam in with 2 bags full of clothes and unsure what would be best for him to wear for his photo-session.

In my booking email I advise that it is best for kid's to be dressed comfortable (so that they can move around easily) and plain colours so that it doesn't date.

I also like to have a special toy of prop that may remind you of the stage of childhood that they are at, maybe a teddy or a special blanket.

So after all the luggage that was brought along today, Eoin ended up with only 3 changes. I photographed him first in his smart jumper, trousers and shoes, then a lighter jumper to let him move around more. Then we gave him a bit of freedom to play about in his nappy for a while (usually this is the most comfortable for little ones!) and finished with his soft navy baby grow.

From experience 3 outfits is more than enough for a shoot, especially as most kid's hate their clothes being changed. I would recommend one smart/dressy outfit, a comfortable baby vest and a soft comfy baby-grow outfit.

Didn't he look happy in front of the camera??!!

Eoin's photo session @True Romance Photography on malone Rd, Belfast.