Linen Hall Library Exhibition.

'If identity can be defined then it is no longer useful, there has to be something about being Irish that we never understand and that we never explain in order for it to feed us'. This line from Tommy Tiernan in conversation with Glen Hansard struck a chord with me and how I feel about my work.

I photograph the ordinary, everyday life yet I know that there is something very extraordinary in our culture that I cannot and maybe don't  have to explain. Photographs are a great vehicle for our storytelling as they tell the story without needing explanation.

I have been chosen as the Linen Hall Library local artist for the month of April which encouraged me to go through my back catalogue and make a collection of my favourites taken over my past 15 years as a working photographer. 

Photography is my vehicle for storytelling and I believe a photograph can hold so much information about our culture and who we are as a people.

A recurring theme on my work is a nostalgia our vanishing traditions and cultures, subjects include a lone figure on the Pettigo mountain cutting his turf with a spade, the stillness of the waters at Lough Eske, the popular Brennan sisters pouring pints in their Bundoran bar and a mountain farmer in Glencolmcille.

I see so much beauty in our everyday culture and people, in the way that we live our lives. I almost feel a duty to photograph and record it, to help us look inward and to document our lives to show the next generation. 

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Cutting turf, Pettigo mountain, Donegal, 2016.