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Lockdown photography project 2020

We are living through extraordinary times and although our freedom of movement is restricted currently our creativity isn't.

As a photographer, I find inspiration from experiences that I live through and I have found it very useful in this lockdown to keep a photo diary of how I am spending my days in this strange time.

I am discovering more about my neighbourhood and seeing a lot of things that I had never noticed before ,as I am sure that you are too.

What does your lockdown look like?

We are all in the same lockdown but your own experience is unique and different from anybody else’s .

That is why it can be very useful to keep a photo diary of this historic time, to tell your own story. It will help you to appreciate the good parts of your lockdown time and will be great to look back in in years to come!

Taking the photos for your photo diary.

You do not need to be  an experienced photographer or have the best equipment to take good photos. You can use a camera phone, or if you have a camera in your house. The key to a good photograph is finding a good subject matter and something that is interesting to look at.

Inspiration on what to photograph for your photo diary.

A photograph tells a story. The same as a written story the photo can show us WHO, WHAT, WHERE,  WHEN and WHY?

This is a good start for inspiring your photo diary, here are some ideas of what to photograph

- WHO are you in lockdown with?  maybe you could get some portraits, they could be candid (natural) or posed? (and obviously if you have pets they would be great to photograph!)

-WHAT objects in your home are helping you keep busy and entertained?  Have you created a space in your garden with anything interesting? 

-WHERE are you in lockdown?  Have you created a space in your garden with anything interesting? Is there somewhere nice that you talk your daily walk? 

-WHEN. Your photos will be able to tell the story of the time of day /year that it is, if it bright and sunny Spring days, or a moonlight evening.

-WHY did you feel inspired to take the photo? Is it something that makes you happy or sad? Is it an event or special occasion, for example a lockdown birthday party?

Get clicking!

If you would like to take part simply get the camera out and get snapping and email your work to Katrinataggarttphotography@yahoo.co.uk. You can attach a photo (jpeg.) with your name and class and if you would like you could add a sentence to explain your photo.

When you put these together we will have a great insight into how we all spend lockdown apart but together!

Lockdown Photo Diary