Make the most of your photo session booking.

While a photograph may not freeze time, it does preserve a moment, captures life as it’s happening. An instant out of time, held still. At my studio photography experience, these sessions are all individually tailored and held in a calm and relaxed environment. There is plenty of room for you sit back, relax and enjoy the rest while I create beautiful family art for you and your family to treasure. You can click HERE to see my work and what to expect from your photo session.

Some top tips to get the most from  your session-

     *Get here stress-free. 

     *Keep it simple. From my experience you get best results when child kept plain and simple. All babies are posed safely and are appropriately supported at all times. I will pose your baby skilfully, safely & calmly; crafting you beautiful images & creating memories that will stay with you and your baby for a lifetime.

     *Bring along any favourite toys or props that are special to him and will be a fond reminder of the stage he is at now.

    *Keep it comfortable. Dress your child in something that is easy to move around in and comfy on them. Over-styled clothes will give you an image that will date easily so keep it classic!

    *Bring treats! I like to keep some sweets as treats but you can also bring your own treats to help them smile! 

Call Katrina on 07872538806 or email to book your session now!