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Maria & Barry, Lough Eske Castle wedding,

What a year it has been.  

When I visited Maria and Barry at their home in March for their wedding meeting we would never have envisaged what was ahead of us all. We had the wedding day schedule done, photo list done,  timings , photos locations, everything tied down and we were both sure of the details.    

However that day was not to be as the world seemed to turn upside down after that.

 With a rescheduled date in we looked forward to one that again was not to be. Looking towards a new date in December I got a text from Maria on end of July asking if I was free August 8th.

The couple had decided that they couldn't face the uncertainly of a third cancelled date and that they would go ahead and book something at shorter notice so that they knew what they were working with.

They luckily got in touch with the amazing Lough Eske Castle in Donegal who were able to accommodate  them with 2 weeks notice and let them have the beautiful wedding that they deserved.

With the guest list cut to just 20, it allowed for the couple to have their immediate family and a best friend each to celebrate with them.  

They had the beautiful Father Browne Bar to themselves for their wedding meal and we had the use of the amazing grounds and lakeside to work with for their wedding portraits.

I have no doubt that the couple made the right decision not to delay their wedding day any longer, and although it wasn't the one we had first envisaged it was every bit as magical as they had wanted.

My first wedding back & what a beautiful day it was too! After having had 3 previous wedding dates, Maria & Barry decided they couldn’t risk the disappointment of another cancellation & got married on Aug 8th in Drumragh chapel with 20 of their family & friends. They celebrated the marriage at Lough Eske Castle in Donegal where they were the first wedding couple in since March.