Autumn is by far my favourite season of all (and not just because its my birthday season!). I love everything about the season, the beautiful colours, the way the leaves fall and cover the ground, the beautiful low lying sunsets and that chill in the air to let you know that Christmas is coming soon.

The Autumn light is my favourite to photograph and works so well for natural family portraits. Summer light can be harsh and cause too many shadows where Autumn light is soft and diffused.

I met with Justine, Cathal and these 2 gorgeous kids on a Sunday evening and we caught the tail end of the daylight.  We took a short walk up through the Gortin Glens and moved on to the Gortin Lakes to get a more open landscape top work with.

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Katrina x

The McCrory Family Photo-session at the Gortin Glens, County Tyrone.