It may be a trait of a creative but as a photographer I am always striving to improve my work, always critiquing my own work, thinking about what I can do better the next time.

So this quiet time before busy wedding session starts up again was the perfect time for a bunch of us photographers to get together and test some techniques for wedding morning bride portraits-thanks to the lovely model Colette O'Neill.

I put ALOT of emphasis on making time for the bride's portrait in the morning. The morning is such a special, exciting time. This portrait captures the bride immediately after having hair and make-up applied (before the tears/sweat move your make-up!). 

This is also a special moment of calmness, a moment for the bride to compose herself and take a little breather before she leaves for the wedding ceremony.

I am a big fan of using natural light where possible on a wedding day, I want to work on a personal level uninterrupted by electronic flashes and equipment. 

A few tips for getting the most out of your wedding portraits

-Have a place in mind for your photos, ideally a room with good light (big windows).

-Clear any clutter from the room to make it easier to shoot all angles.

-Allow yourself some privacy. Wedding mornings are usually busy with people running around, allow yourself 5 quiet minutes where you close the door and get your portraits done in peace.

-Feel beautiful! You have just spent the morning being beautified by experts to make your look gorgeous-now embrace it!!

Dresses:Marie Curie - Belmont Road

Makeup: Leigh Alexandra Dickson

Hair: Joanne at

Floral Bouquet: Wild Thing