The Perfect Wedding Morning

I like to think of the Wedding day as one big day broken up into four  parts-

1.The Wedding Morning,

2. The Wedding Service,

3.Formal/ family photo session,

4.Evening reception/dinner.

--Your final Wedding Day preparations should begin the day before. You can make life so much easier by making sure that all luggage is packed for leaving the home with ease on your wedding morning.In the last 2 days before the wedding all final preparations should be completed to ensure ease and make your wedding stress-free.

--For a 12pm wedding service I would recommend a 6am wake up. Make sure you are fresh, rested and energised for the big day ahead. From my experience the earlier the hair and make up are done the better, leave some time for any last changes and time to relax. I sometimes like to think of it as the calm before the storm!

---Treat the family to having your wedding breakfast delivered to make sure that your house remains clean. This will also avoid having any cooking smells on your good clothes. And definitely get a good breakfast in, you will feel the benefit of it later on.

---For a 12pm service I will arrive at your house approx 2 hours before so that you have had some time to yourself. This gives me plenty of time to photograph you having the final touches applied to your make-up and a few natural photos of you and your bridesmaids in lounge-gear before your get dressed.

---For best results I recommend that have your house clean and tidy and free of clutter to allow me to get gorgeous clean images with no background distractions. When i arrive firstly i will spend time photographing your wedding details such as your dress, shoes, perfume, jewellery and special wedding items.

---There is no reason why your wedding morning shouldn’t be relaxed and serene, there shouldn’t be any reason to feel under pressure at all but instead to soak up all the emotion and excitement. Choose a room in your house which is bright and spacious for getting dressed in and to make sure that I can get some lovely wide shots of you in your dress for the first time. This is a very very special moment.

---I like to give privacy to you to get your wedding gown on then I can get nice photos of your bridesmaids or family members helping you out with the final touches, perhaps doing your dress buttons and putting on the veil.

---I then like to have a quiet moment with the bride by herself just as she is perfectly ready for the day ahead and get a gorgeous portrait before you leave your house to get married. I don’t underestimate that this may be one of the most important photos of a woman’s lifetime and one to be treasured forever.

---At this stage all should be done and dusted and you should have no more tasks only to meet your parents at the door and step into your wedding car to make your way to your Wedding service. I like the term ‘sailing through’ to express how a bride should easily flow through her wedding day with ease, no stress just excitement!